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The Official Rules and Regulations of the Seventh RBI Baseball
Championship of the Universe Tournament

Players, Dates, Fees, & Prizes

     This will be an 8 man, double elimination series tournament that will occur on Saturday July 25, 2015.  The entry fee will be $100.00.  All entry fee money will be put towards tournament costs or redistributed as prize money.  Therefore, no profits will be made by myself or anybody else involved in organizing the tournament.  The prize money will be as follows:

Final Place
Prize Money
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place $125.00

     A lottery will be held on Sunday July 19, 2015.  Names will be randomly drawn from a box.  Each player's series start time, session number, and opponent for the first series will be determined by the lottery.

Coin Toss, Teams, and Series

     The home and away field advantages will be determined by a coin toss at the start of each series.  The person on the top of the bracket is the one to call the coin toss while the supervisor tosses the coin.  The person on the top of the bracket is also the one who chooses whether he/she wants the left seat or the right seat for the series.  If the person on top of the bracket is late, then the person on the bottom will call the coin toss.  The winner of the coin toss will have the choice of choosing home field advantage (2nd Player) or away field advantage (1st Player).  Home field advantage gets to choose his/her team for most of the games in the series.  See following chart.

Home Field Chooses Team First in Games:
If Necessary
1st & 2nd
1st & 2nd
5th & 7th
     See bracketing for details on how many games each series in each round is.

     American and National are the only two teams which can never be picked.  Once a team is picked, that team may never be used again in that series by that player (One team will be picked per game).  Neither the person who picked that team or the opponent can ever be that team again for that series.  However, if the series goes beyond game four, teams will have to be used twice since there are only eight legal teams.  It will then work in this manner.  If it is your turn to choose your team first, you can not be a team that you already were in that series.  Therefore you are limited to being one of the four teams your opponent chose in the first four games.  The same goes for the other person.  Basically it can be summed up like this:  The same team can never be played twice by one player and all teams must be used before repeating teams.

     Each person will be granted one 45 second time out per game.

     Glitches are at the discretion of the supervisor.  Glitches must be played through unless ruled unplayable by the supervisor.  If ruled unplayable, the supervisor has the authority to call the game (if after the 5th inning) as it stood when the glitch occurred or to replay the game (if before the 6th inning).

     It is recommended that you bring your own controller for use in the tournament.  Otherwise you are subject to use whatever is given to you and we are not responsible for any controller sticking or glitches.  However if you bring your own, it must be an original.


     Penalties for various reasons will be given for certain actions.  All penalties are at the discretion of the supervisors (who reserve the right to increase any penalty at anytime if felt warranted).  The minimum penalties are as follows:

  1. The penalties for being late will be as follow:
    1. 1-5 minutes - there will be no penalty
    2. 6-10 minutes - one game forfeit
    3. 11-15 minutes - two game forfeit
    4. 16-20 minutes - three game forfeit
    5. 21-25 minutes - four game forfeit
    6. These penalties will be strictly followed since we have a schedule to maintain.
  2. Any action on your part causing the Nintendo Entertainment System to reset - Results in a forfeit of that game.
  3. If a timeout is called by the second player and player one pitches a strike - Two balls must be pitched after the timeout is called or penalty to be decided by the supervisor if the pitched strike ends the inning or the game.
  4. Physical beatings will not be tolerated - Results in an ejection from the tournament.
  5. Distractions from the opponent will not be tolerated.
  6. No helping those playing the game - Results in an ejection from the tournament.
  7. Cheat sheets or RBI rosters may not be used while playing the game or during a timeout.  We reserve the right to confiscate them if you are caught doing so.


      A reserve list will be created when all roster spots are filled.  Reserves will be placed on the reserve list in the order in which their entry money and signed entry forms are received.  Reserves must turn in their signed entry form along with their entry money in order to be placed on the reserve list.  Reserves will be notified by telephone (in the order that they are on the reserve list) if/when an opening in the roster occurs (due to a player not being able to attend).  If a reserve is not able to play in place of the absent player, then the next player on the list will be notified and so on until a replacement is found.  Players on the reserve list who are not notified or unable to play will have their entry money refunded to them.


      The Seventh RBI Baseball Championship of the Universe Tournament will officially be held at:

8500 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL  60631

     Renaissance Chicago O'Hare Suites Hotel is 4 miles from O'Hare International Airport.

     Sorry, but due to the limited space at this location we cannot allow non-participants into the tournament.  In respect to the wishes of the hotel, there will be no smoking indoors or drugs on the property.

     Times (CDT), dates, locations, and rules are subject to change without notice.  Once a game begins, it cannot be stopped or replayed (with the exception of unplayable glitches).  We cannot be held responsible for any injuries or emotional trauma due to the tournament.

     Complete and return the entry form below to Michael Beales.  Include your entry fee (in the form of personal check, money order, cashier's check, or Chase QuickPay) with the signed agreement.  Sign up is on a first-come, first-served basis.  If your entry form and money are mailed to the address below, the date/time that is postmarked on the envelope will be used to determine roster priority.

Registration for the 7th RBI Baseball COTUT is closed!

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